Power of Parent-Teacher Communication in Student Achievement

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Effective communication is a vital thread that knits the fabric of student achievement in this modern era of education. The success of any educational institutions is dependent on effective communication communication skills that helps in addressing social, emotional, and behaviour of a student’s growth. The strong communication between parents and teachers influence student’s path to success and also build trust between parents and teachers through frequent communication.

P.N National Public School acknowledges the potential of communication channels and understand the value of Parent-Teacher meetings. In this blog post, we discuss the importance of parent-teacher communication and how parent-teacher communication at P.N National Public School shapes a child’s educational journey for children’s overall development.

1.Regular Progress Reports

  • We provide progress reports of a student’s academic path, highlighting achievements, problems, and areas for progress. 
  • Our detailed report provides student’s accomplishments and potential growth areas. 
  • We highlight students’s accomplishments and ongoing improvement.

2.Schedule Parent-Teacher Meetings

  • We provide a dedicated platform for parents and teachers as partners in a student’s educational journey. 
  • We allow parents to offer their thoughts on their child’s struggles and provide helpful comments.

3.Digital Communication Platform

We use digital communication channels such as school websites, emails, social media channels and App to keep parents on school activities updates, announcements, assignments, and updates about their child’s performance. We keep effective methods to stay connected.

4. Seminars

We conduct seminars that provide opportunities for parents and students to come together, share their insights and learn from each other for the holistic development of students.

5.Parent Involvement in School Activities

  • Parent involvement in school activities benefits students and strengthens the relationship between parents, teachers, and the school community. 
  • School Events such as school plays, musical performances, art activities, cultural events and other events help students to showcase their talents and achievements.

P.N National Public School actively engages in effective communication between parents and teachers. We focus on establishing strong partnership that develops strong communication, supports student development, and creates a positive learning environment. We provide valuable insights, resources, and support to the student’s success. Our communication channels between parents and teachers ensure parents are immediately informed about assessments, test results, and areas they need improvement. We provide parents individualised assistance with prompt feedback for the overall development of a child.

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