Nurture with Nature

  • A national initiative has been on to save the environment and thereby the human existence, and it was, indeed, heartening to see that the upcoming generation of youths.
  • We need to save nature because future generations are surely counting upon us. We are receiving it right now because our ancestors maintained and saved beautiful natural spots for us to see.
  • Some of these things include the components of nature, such as air, water, energy, and trees. Our needs have been insatiable and unlimited to such a great extent that we keep exploiting these components. And we still haven’t stopped doing it. As it is such a subtle and slow change, no one knows where we are heading to.
  • If you are thinking of nature’s importance to be only limited to our bellies and throats, then you are wrong. Humans need a favorable climate to survive in and also to reproduce.
  • There are certain temperature, climate and season, air, and natural components that make you comfortable and stress-free right now. The peace of mind that you experience right now is very priceless and precious. Isn’t it the reason enough to save nature? Then you should continue to feed your rational mind by understanding the connection between nature and our future.


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