8 Effective Study Habits for Better CBSE Grades

PN National Public School Student

Academic success does not depend only Intelligence but also on healthy habits for achieving good grades and plays important role in overall development of student.The Journey to become a well rounded individual includes Good Study Habits that not provide the right direction for academic success but also contribute significantly to personal growth and development.

Achieving better grades is often a top priority for students and adopting effective study habits can significantly enhance students academic performance. Student should excel in academic growth and also posses a range of life skills and a strong sense of purpose in their life. Good study habits serve as the compass that guides for transformative journey.

At P.N National Public School, we believe academic success is built upon a strong foundation of effective study habits and we encourage our students on the following habits to maximise their learning potential:

1. Set Clear Goals

  • Begin things with Short Goals 
  • Prepare Study Goals for Starting and Completing Chapters 
  • Prepare Study Hours for Each Subject

2. Developing Discipline

  • Discipline helps to establish a regular study routine. 
  • Focussed Study allows to absorb information efficiently. 
  • Through disciplined practice, one can contribute to skill growth.

3. Continuous Learning and Curiosity

Good study habits encourage a thirst for knowledge that promotes extensive learning and encourage students to be in growth mindset.

4.Good Time Management

  • Develop a weekly study schedule that allocates time for each subject or task. 
  • Work in focused intervals followed by short break.

5.Effective Planning

  • Effective planning starts with setting clear objectives. Effective Planning allows us to break down ambitious goals into manageable steps.
  • Prioritising tasks, setting deadlines, and creating a study schedule enable students to make the most of each day. 
  • A well-structured plan minimize stress and anxiety. Knowing what needs to be done and having a step-by-step strategy to accomplished.


  • Studying for long hours might seem productive, it can lead to burnout and reduced focus. 
  • Incorporate short, regular breaks into your study routine to recharge your mind. 
  • Get enough sleep, eat nutritiously, exercise regularly, and practice relaxation technique

7.Consistent Revision and Practice

  • It is important to structure study time for consistent revision and practice.
  • Identify your strengths and areas for improvement.


  • Take a few minutes to review what you have learned. 
  • Reflect on the key concepts, connections between topics, and any challenges faced for better understanding.

Students incorporating above these eight effective study habits can help to lay the foundation for academic success and personal growth. These habits not only help students for achieving better grades but also help them to learn life skills that will continue to serve them in your futures.At. P.N National Public School, we focus on students educational journey and encourage our students to make efforts to integrate these healthy habits into their routine.

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