Medical Care Facility

A medical care facility is essential in educational institutes for delivering emergency care, promoting health and well-being, managing chronic ailments, and ensuring a safe and encouraging atmosphere for students and employees. At P.N National Public School, we emphasize the health and safety of our students and staff through well-equipped medical care facilities. We believe it is responsibility as educators to ensure health and safety of everyone within the school community. Our medical care facilities serve as a pillar of support for the health and well-being of our school community.

We understand the importance of providing comprehensive healthcare services to our students, staff, and visitors. The essential medical facilities served at P.N National Public School include the following:

Immediate Medical Attention

We provide dedicated medical facilities during accidents, injuries, or unexpected diseases with proper medical attention. Our skilled medical staff equipped to manage crises effectively, ensuring students receive an effective care.

Infirmary Facility

We have a designated area (infirmary) where students, staff, and visitors gets essential healthcare services such as assistance for their well-being. Our infirmary space is equipped with basic medical supplies and equipment to provide immediate care for minor injuries or illnesses.

Rest Room Facility

We provide a quiet and comfortable environment for students who need a place to rest and recover from illness or injury.

First Aid Facility

Our essential first aid supplies and equipments can handle students’ injury in schools, such as cuts, burns, sprains, fractures, or head injuries. We offer pain medication and appropriate medical care procedures, such as cleaning and treating wounds, to stop infection.

Dispensary room

We have well-equipped separate dispensary rooms for boys and girls on the school grounds that prioritize privacy. We provide support on medical issues that could arise during school hours for our students. Our room has comfortable mattresses and enough ventilation that gives them appropriate care.

Regular Check-Ups

We have regular health checkups in place for students to monitor the overall well-being of a student. Our healthcare approach ensures students gets support and care at the right time.

Trained Medical Staff:

We have the availability of trained medical staff within our school premises. We ensure that our student receives prompt and appropriate medical attention and care when required. Our trained medical care staff provide special attention and notify student’s parents about their health status.

Ambulance Facility

The ambulance facility at our campus adds a significant advantage for the health and safety of students, staff, and visitors. In case of emergency or accidents, we have immediate transportation facilities to nearby hospitals, ensuring swift access to specialized medical care for our students.

Health Education Programs:

Our school also provide health education programs to promote healthy habits and provide students with information about various health-related topics such as nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being.

At P.N National Public School, we provide efficient medical care assistance and emphasize the well-being and safety of students. We ensure timely medical care and health safety of everyone within the school. Our medical care services promote safety, provide reassurance, and contribute to the well-being of students.

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