Safety and Security

Effective teaching and learning require a safe and secure atmosphere. Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes can pose a threat to the safety and security of people and property, as can human activities like vandalism, arson, and violent crime. Although catastrophic catastrophes and human tragedies cannot be completely prevented, their negative effects can be lessened with the help of facility designers, institutional management, emergency response teams, and post-crisis assistance.


The school is monitored via CCTV around-the-clock. Now, the campus has more than 100 camera systems installed. A security supervisor is stationed in a Central Monitoring Room where they are on duty. In the principal’s office, there is an extra screen. Cameras are carefully positioned around the school’s perimeter, capturing footage of anyone trying to enter the building and, in particular, anyone waiting outside the main gate. The following areas of the School Building are under CCTV surveillance:

  • Sports Rooms, Computer Labs, Dance and Music Rooms.
  • Entry and Exit point of School Premises
  • Library & School Auditorium
  • Bus Parking bays

Emotional safety

Children’s psychological safety in schools is equally as vital as their physical safety in ensuring total student safety. Children who experience violence exhibit persistent signs of hostility, lack of emotional intelligence, dissociative responses, helplessness, and sadness. A child’s sense of self and sense of personal safety are destroyed by emotional and psychological abuse. Our school provides the ideal environment for talent development and enrichment to support a child’s whole personality development. Good school safety measures, including anti-bullying campaigns, should be completely integrated into school planning and strategy since they are just as crucial as high-quality instruction.
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