P.N National Public School’s Approach to Balance Screen Time and Studies for CBSE Success

In this digital age, where technology is an integral part of our daily lives, finding the ideal balance between screen time and academic studies has become difficult for parents and educators.The educational journey of children enrolled in P.N National Public School,Gorakhpur (Best CBSE School in Gorakhpur) helps students to strike a balance between utilizing technology for its advantages and maintaining high standards of academic performance.It is indisputable that screens are a constant in the life of CBSE students. Screens have a big impact on how people learn, from social media and educational apps to online courses and  material. At. P.N National Public School, we guide students and parents how to use tech tools wisely.

Tips for Balancing Screen Time and Studies For Parents

1.Make Clear Rules: 

  • Make sure that the guidelines for screen time and study hours are clear.
  • Share your rules with parents to encourage cooperation in upholding a balanced lifestyle.

2.Establish a Tech-Free Area: 

During study hours, designate some areas of the house like the dining room or study room—as tech-free zones. This makes the atmosphere more suitable for concentrated study.

3.Promote Breaks:

  • Include brief pauses in study sessions to give your child a chance to clear their heads. 
  • Encourage pauses for physical exercise that don’t involve screens.

4.Parental Guidance: 

  • It is essential for parents to keep an eye on and direct their children’s screen time. 
  • It is advised to check their electronic gadgets what they are interacting with on a regular basis to make sure it aligns with their educational goals.

In the ever-changing world of education, where digital tools and traditional learning coexist together, P.N National Public School is dedicated to help our CBSE students to find the ideal balance between screen time and academics. We acknowledge the challenges presented by the digital era and foster a holistic educational environment at our campus. We assist students in striking a careful balance between their schoolwork and screen usage. We enable students to flourish in the digital age by fusing the power of technology with tried-and-true teaching strategies, all the while maintaining the fundamentals of a well-rounded education. P.N National Public School is shaping the future of students who are not only academically accomplished but also equipped to navigate the complexities of a digitally driven world.

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