P.N National Public School Students Ignite Change

P.N National Public School is the FIRST school in Uttar Pradesh to select in Sustainability Superstar


In a world where environmental issues are at global discussion, it is critical to instil a culture of sustainability in students at an early age. Students at P.N National Public School are not just learning about sustainability but actively leading the charge towards a greener future. Recently, the students of P.N National Public School Gorakhpur participated in the remarkable event UNICEF Superstar Event  in New Delhi. We feel proud to be THE FIRST CBSE SCHOOL in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh to participate in this prestigious Sustainability Superstar event. Students got opportunities to engage with industry experts and environmental advocates through workshops and panel discussions. They gained valuable insights and practical knowledge on topics ranging from renewable energy to waste reduction strategies.

The student’s participation in the UNICEF Sustainability Superstars was truly remarkable. They enthusiastically engaged with facilitators, shared ideas and asked questions aimed at promoting sustainability awareness and action. Their performances showcased outstanding accomplishments in the field of sustainability.

P.N National Public School Students Ignite Change as Sustainability Superstars - A Journey to Remember

The highlight moments of P.N National Public School students at the event were as follows:

1. Embarking Journey:

Students gathered at the school courtyard to embark on the Journey UNICEF Superstar Event. It was a moment they had been eagerly awaiting for the chance to embark on a journey that holds the promise of adventure and the opportunity to make a difference. Each student carried a sense of purpose, a deep dedication to sustainability, and a desire to create positive change on a global scale. Their excitement increased as they said goodbye to the school community and exchanged words of encouragement. With a sense of purpose, they set off towards the horizon ready to make a lasting impact on the world.

2. Taking Flight: Departure Day Excitement

P.N National Public School Students at airport

With their faces glowing in the early morning light and their hearts thumping with excitement. The courtyard was alive with excitement on the day of departure. Suitcases were rolled into position, companions said their goodbyes and backpacks were slung over shoulders. Excitement was filled in the air as they waited for the buses to come. While some students engaged in a lively conversation about their aspirations for the trip, others shared advice on how to get the most out of the Sustainability Superstar Event in Delhi. With a sense of excitement and determination, they set off towards the horizon, ready to make their mark on the world. One of the standout moments for P.N National Public School students was the sponsorship they received from IndiGo Airlines to facilitate their journey to the venue.

3.Boarding the Plane: Excitement Abounds

Entirely excited, the students board the plane that was headed for Delhi. As they settled into their seats, the hum of excitement filled in the cabin. Since it was their first time flying, a lot of them got shivered down their spines from the departure. There was laughter and talk, but also a sense of purpose and togetherness with a mission to make a difference.

4. In Flight: Preparation and Unity

The students of P.N National Public School were immersed in a frenzy of preparation and unity as the plane took off for Delhi. Notebooks were opened, and conversations erupted as they dug into the specifics of their sustainability projects. Every student added ideas and insights that enhanced the project by bringing their distinct viewpoints and areas of expertise to the table. The students enthusiastically gave ideas over the hours, encouraging and supporting one another as they went. With each passing minute, their excitement grew, knowing they were one step closer to showcasing their passion for sustainability on a global stage. As the plane continued its journey towards Delhi, the students of P.N National Public School remained united in their mission, ready to make a difference.

5. Touching Down: Arrival in Delhi

P.N National Public School Students

The students of P.N National Public School pressed their faces against the windows, eager to catch a glimpse of the sprawling city below. The brilliant colours and busy streets of the city were illuminated by the sun’s warm glow, which covered the entire area. A collective echo by students as the aircraft touched down on the runway. The students looked at each other and pressed their faces against the windows, eager to catch a glimpse of the sprawling city below. On reaching Delhi, they walked through the airport with their heads held high and their hearts full of joy. The Delhi Breeze air that surrounded them as they went outside gave promise of fresh starts. Students could feel the excitement building and were ready to make a difference.

6. Event Day: Making a Lasting Impact

P.N National Public School is the FIRST school in Uttar Pradesh to select in Sustainability Superstar

Finally, the big day had arrived – Sustainability Superstar Event. The students from P.N National Public School arrived at the location with a heart full of excitement and ready to influence change and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. They gave a spectacular performance on the significance of preserving our world for the next generations. All who heard were moved by the honesty in their voices.

7. Reflections: A Journey to Remember

P.N National Public School Students discovered itself in a contemplative state. With a sense of pride and success, they reflected on their journey from the school courtyard to the busy streets of Delhi. They had gracefully and dignifiedly represented their school, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability on an international platform. Their enthusiasm and dedication to change the world were evident in every performance they gave. Even though their time at the UNICEF Superstar Event was coming to an end, they would never forget the memories they had made and the lessons they had learned. They had made new friends, learned fresh viewpoints, and realized the power of their collective voice. With hearts full of gratitude and minds filled with memories, the students of P.N National Public School bid farewell to Delhi, knowing that they had left a lasting impact on all who had been fortunate enough to witness their journey.


The esteemed UNICEF Superstar Sustainability Event in Delhi aimed at promoting sustainability among youth and empowering young people to become change-makers. At P.N National Public School, we value fostering a strong commitment to sustainability in addition to academic performance. The participation of P.N National Public School students in the UNICEF Superstar Sustainability Event was remarkable. Their enthusiastic participation demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and aimed at promoting sustainability awareness and action. Together, the collective efforts of our teachers and students have made a significant impact at the event, showcasing P.N National Public School as a leader in environmental education and sustainability initiatives.

Together, we are committed to continuing our efforts towards building a more sustainable and resilient world for all.

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